Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 miles, glycogen depletion, and a busy week

Last Saturday, I ran a good 16 miles.  That is, until I hit about 14.3 miles when my calves began to burn and I had to stop for awhile, then ended up walking the last mile or so.  What happened you may ask.  Well, I must have run out of glycogen and the only thing I had left on me was my hydration vest.  I’d eaten a banana right before the run, and had two energy gels at about mile 5 and mile 10.  I guess that just wasn’t enough.  Oh well, live and learn.  I’ll be taking extras with me from now on for the long runs.

I didn’t get any running in during this last week, until today.  I had several activities at work, and some old friends in town, and there just was not time to get a run in. 

Today, I got in a good 6 miler.  It was raining fairly hard, and I’d considered putting it off until tomorrow, but I got out there and hit the trail and am happy that I did.  It was raining, but not horribly bad.  With my waterproof running jacket and hat, I wasn’t totally soaked by the end.

This coming weekend I have hill training to do.  I’ve got to find a good trail where I can get about 6 miles worth up steady up hill and down hill sections.   I’ve got a few places in mind but will research more this week. 

Catch ya later!

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