Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That's It. I'm Insane!

I'm officially registered for the Golden Gate Trail Marathon on July 14th.  And why am I insane for registering for this? It's not like it's my first marathon. Well, it's not only a trail marathon, but it has some hellacious hills to contend with, and I've never been much of a hill person.  Here's a video someone took while running a 50K race around the same area.  The views look absolutely gorgeous, and well worth the training and hard work, or so I hope!

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Paul said...

Aha! A race in my neck of the woods. Good thing you are doing it at the end of your touristing ('cause you will be sore 8)

Coastal Trail Runs puts on a great race...you will have such great views you will forget the pain!

You want as much leg strength as possible for this kind of thing...do hill sprints, squats, go up and down stairs and lose as much extra weight as possible. I kid not ;)