Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Video Blog

While on my last long run (12 miles) for the Hidden Treasures Half Marathon, I decided to try my hand at video blogging.  Here is the debut video.  Tell me what you think. 


Anonymous said...

I like the video, even though I don't understand all that much, I really, really like the music you chose. Great job! I can't run yet, too heavy on my knees, perhaps I get there one day. Keep it up.

Netty aka Enchantica said...

James - I LOVE your vid blog although it did make me feel a little sick with all the movement!! That's an observation NOT a criticism by the way! ;)

It looks like a great place to run. As a woman I'm always very wary of getting myself into places that are isolated so possibly not safe. Such a shame as there are lots of parks and open spaces where I live.

Love the music. If you post another vid blog could you include the title and artist of the music for us please?

Good luck with the Hidden Treasures HM :)