Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Hot One

I got a short run in this afternoon.  And by short, I mean less than a mile.  It was really hot out (99F) and the sun was a blazin'.  Too hot for a run so I stopped after one lap plus a little extra.  It wasn't much of a run, but I really needed it.  Also, I've not been feeling the best since Sunday.  Headaches and such.  I'm starting to think it might be my glasses. Guess it's time to get my eyes checked again.

With the heat out in force, it's time I rethink when to run.  Early morning would be best.  I'm going to attempt to get up earlier and run when I first get to work.  We've got showers in the office so I can run and get cleaned up afterwards.  I'm no morning person, and usually only wake up enough to get to work.  Wish me luck!

What do you do to wake yourself up early?


M said...

Dude, I tried the early morning thing today - 6am. It was STILL too hot. Maybe 4:30, 5am?? :-)

Unknown said...

It only takes me a few miserably hot evening runs to get myself out of bed early to beat the heat.

Unknown said...

You have to threaten yourself. It's not easy, running in the mornings is really really hard for me. There's always the treadmill.