Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Unit Moral Run

My unit conducted an Earth Day Run/Walk on the fort's jogging trail.  About 20 people attended, but only a couple of us actually ran (military had PT this morning and didn't want to run twice in the same day).  I had never run this course before and was surprised at how hilly it is.  It has many short and step hills and meanders between the golf course (cause every military installation must have one!), and the NSA compound (Can you read "do not cross this fence or you will be shot on site!"). 

The course is a 3.6 out and back, the furthest I've run in a month.  Going into it, I knew I wasn't going to hold steady the entire time without walking.  I decided to leave it unstructured and just walk when I felt the need.  This method works best with a hilly course.  The out was great.  I walked a couple of the very steep hills but otherwise ran fine. The return was tougher.  I was wearing down and had several shoulder stitches.  I don't get side stitches, they always hit my shoulder for some reason.  Shortly after I returned to the rally point, it started raining. I'm glad I chose to run as it was cold.    I finished in 38:57.  Not too bad for a trail run.

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