Sunday, January 30, 2011

Treadmill – 1, James – Almost 1

Today was scheduled an 18 miler.  After the snow last week, I knew my favorite long run site would be covered in snow and originally I was going to try for a run around the neighborhood, but yesterday I decided to head to Fort Meade and hit up the treadmill instead.  On Friday I stopped by the gym and had an awesome 5K run so I figured I’d attempt a long run on one.  It didn’t go great.  My immediate concern was the lack of boredom.  I loaded up my walkman with some movies, got everything ready and headed out the door. 

I got there, hit the bathroom then mounted up. I was planning a 2/1 run/walk and fiddled with the settings for couldn’t set it for how I wanted so I went with manual mode.   The treadmill I was on has a visual display for distance of a 5K trail run so my goal was 6 laps. The first two went fine, but midway through my 3rd lap, I must have it the gyms time limit because it, without warning, threw me into cool down mode and I stumbled slightly to adjust to the unsignaled change in pace.  I ended up resetting the treadmill and kept going.  Around 10.5 miles, I started noticing some pressure around the back of my left knee.  My first thought was “oh shit!”.  I could tell my running form was causing it, so I adjusted to try and ease up the pressure.  It didn’t seem to help.  At this point I knew I wasn’t going to attempt the full 18.  I kept going for a bit then stopped.  It wasn’t getting any better, and I did not want to push through something and possibly cause damage, so I stopped at mile 11. 

I may have tweaked something during that stumble, or it could just have been my form being off since I was on a treadmill.  I’ve always felt awkward on them.  It feels like I’m slamming into the tread whenever I’m on one.  Never a comfortable feeling, that’s why I detest using them.  Well, I attempted a long run and have concluded that a treadmill and long runs don’t mix, at least for me they don’t.  The leg feels fine now, so well see how it does over the next few days.  In the mean time, come on snow hurry up and melt before next Sunday!

What do you think of treadmills?  Does your form feel different when on one?  Does it feel better or worse?


Paul said...

I don't like treadmills. For all your reasons and more.

When the weather really sucks you have to use them but I don't think I'd have the guts to do a long run on one.

Jake said...

Normally treadmills have less pressure on knees and joints. The reason that your knee feels uncomfortable is probably because you knees didn't get along with soft surface. LOL

Hopefully treadmill will give you another experience that makes you happy.