Saturday, May 8, 2010

Musical Madness 5K Race Report

First off, I met my race goal of just being able to finish.  Yeah me!

Second off, I PR'ed for a 5K 17 seconds faster.  Yeah me!  again!

Third off, We had a great day, but now my wrist is killing me, and I'm worn out.

The race was pretty cool.  It was put on as high school band fund raiser and they were out playing as wee took off and finished.  The route was a fairly nice out and back.  Not too hilly, but definitely not a flat course.  After last week, I decided to take off nice and slow.  Things went well.  My first mile was a 9:58, about where I wanted it.  The second mile was a bit slower than I'd have liked at 11:00, but around the 2 mile marker, my right calf began to bother me.  It was stiff this morning but not really bad.  Also, my wrist was an annoying pain the entire race.  I ended up for the last 1.1 miles at 12:06.  About 2 minutes off from where I'd have liked.  Making the race at 33:06.  Not bad for just wanting to be able to finish. A whole 17 seconds faster than my last PR.  I can definitely do better but with the week I've had, I was extatic with it. 

After the race we took the metro down to DC and hit up the American History Museum, then we came across Public Service Recognition Week where the kids got to tour various military vehicles and lots of free items.  We then headed to Gardenfest outside the Smithsonian Castle, where I ran into my old boss (I used to do pest control at three Smithsonian museums) and her boyfriend dressed as bugs.  It was a great event and the kids loved it. 

Next we metro-ed back to the car and had some great chili at Hard Times Cafe, then home for rest. 

I probably should not have carried Connor any today, but it was hard not to.  My wrist is killing me.  I'm going to take my meds, and chill the rest of the evening. 

Tomorrow's goal: an easy 3 miler.

I hope everyone else that had a race this weekend did well, enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Jen said...

Hey you forgot to say that Paige ROCKED her 1k!!!

James said...

I was going to wait until I could post pics to talk about her. Thanks for ruining it!! J/K

MCM Mama said...

Great job on the race! Hope your wrist feels better soon.

I love spending the day downtown. It's so awesome to have so many fun and educational things to do that only cost the metro ride into the city.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!! Funny - you hightailed it to DC after your race, and I dragged the husband to Annapolis. I guess yesterday was just too gorgeous to spend in ol B-more. :)

Unknown said...


Mom said...

I'm proud of you, James!
Congrats on the race : )
You had a busy but fun day.
The Gardenfest sounded neat.
Lucky you are so close to DC where you can go there for the day!
Yes, kids can get heavy quick, probably not too good for your wrist with carrrying Connor, but you do what you have to do at the time.

The Boring Runner said...

A PR is a great race no matter what. Hopefully the wrist feels better.