Saturday, August 25, 2012

Upcoming Races

This morning me and about 25 fellow Stone Mill 50 Milers met on the trail for a practice run.  The Race Director pulled it together to include a couple of aid stations and parking coordination to and from start/finish.  The plan was to start at the mile 35 marker and run in, roughly 16 miles (the race is actually more of a 51 mile race),  The run came off well for me.  I was warn out at the end, but made it there fine.  Take that two weeks ago!

Anywho, I was talking with one of my fellow races about upcoming events, and I realized I’ve got a ton of stuff on my schedule.  So here goes…. races I’m planning to do:


Red Rock 5K - Las Vegas, NV - 8 September 2012 (Registered)

Army Ten-Miler - Washington, DC -   21 October 2012 (Registered)

Stone Mill 50 Mile Run – Gaithersburg, MD – 17 November 2012 (Registered)

Green Valley North Turkey Trot (5 mile or 5k) – Chestnut Ridge, MD – 24 November 2012 (Not Registered)

Walt Disney World Marathon – Orlando, FL -  13 January 2013 (Registered)

A2A Marathon – Ardmore, OK – 3 March 2013 (Not Registered)

There you have it.  Quite a lot on my running plate huh?

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