Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back To Back

article-1232605-076DEFA5000005DC-114_634x707My back to back training weekend is complete.  16 miles trail run yesterday with a 8 mile neighborhood run this morning.  Today’s run felt good.  I even ran it at a 10:45 pace!  Back to back training sessions are a good way to train for ultra marathons.  It’s improbable to train at near race distances, so running before your legs have time to recover allows your body to simulate what later miles may feel like.  I started off feeling tired and my legs felt fatigued shortly into the run.  After settling in, my legs woke up and things were good.  I did take about 4 walk breaks, but mostly was running nonstop.  I’m planning one, possibly two, more back to back weekends before the race.  I’ve got three months left to go.  I hope they all go as well as this weekend!

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