Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Secret Revealed.

I've been thinking about running an ultra for quite awhile.  The allure of such a long distance, being out there for the great part of a day...or more, testing the limits of my abilities, it sounds great. 

After running the Golden Gate Trail Marathon, I knew I was ready, so I've been searching around.  I knew I wanted to do something between a 50K and a 50 Miler, I don't think I'm ready for anything further.  After scouring the internet for all the possible races within driving distance, I settled on the Stone Mill 50 Miler, a low-key ultra through the Seneca Greenway and Muddy Branch trails in Montgomery County Md.  It's a relatively flat but off-road course, and that intrigues me.  I've been running either hilly trails, or flat "rails to trails" kind of terrain.  One blogger I follow, Shelly from "It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other." ran this race last year and her race report made me go for it. 

I alluded to this a few posts back as my secret, and that was because I was waiting for registration to open. It did this morning.  So there you go, I've got four months to train up from hill trail marathon condition to 50 miles.  

Bring on the endurance training!


Kimberly Truesdell said...

So exciting! I can't wait to follow your training.

bobbi said...

Outstanding! (and I'm pretty sure Shelly is running it again!)

Kim said...

That's a big commitment! Good luck!