Monday, August 6, 2012

Rest Weekend

Rest and recovery, the other half of training.  Everyone needs rest to ensure they're getting the full benefit of training.  If not, you run the risk of injury and burnout.
This poor guy needs some much required rest!

I've not been in the situation this guy was in, but I did choose to have a rest weekend.  Last week I put in a relatively large amount of miles and cross training exercise.  With the heat of late, disturbance of my sleep schedule (Two days last week I had to be in DC for an inspection at 7:00), and my weight training and racquetball at lunch, my last two runs were SLOW.

On Friday, I went for a trail run around Liberty Reservoir, a small lake near my house.  It was hot, humid, and the trail was thick with vegetation.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I've done some hiking there a few times, and knew the trail wasn't necessarily "runnable" so I was going into it as a hike, with the potential for running.  I packed out a black bean, lentil, and avocado wrap for lunch.  At one point, I crossed a little strait putting me onto a small island.  Here, I took a break and enjoyed my wrap while watching some fish swim around.  After that, it was back on the trail.  I ended up running about a 5Ks worth of distance.
Mainland on the left, strait in the middle, island on the right.

That is such a BIG strait.  LOL
A hidden boat landing.
Relaxing for some grub.
 The rest of the weekend I relaxed.  We took Connor to a local county fair, and stayed at home most of the rest of the weekend.  It was definintely a "patio" weekend. 

Now that Monday is here, it's back to it.  I've got a 50 Miler to train for people... I can't be lollygagging around! 

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