Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well Crapola!

This post was supposed to be about my awesome hill training on Sunday.  I hit up the Catoctin Mountains and did 8.58 miles of intense trailing running/hiking.  The trail was very rocky in some places, so it was a pseudo-run/hike, but well done nonetheless. 

As I stated already, this post was SUPPOSED to be about that.  But alas, it’s not. That post will come, pictures and all, but right now, I’m laid up with a throbbing left toe.

Yesterday, I could tell there was some soreness in my left foot.  It was dull and hard to pinpoint the source.  I was hoping it was because of the rocks from Sunday.  I was wrong.  My old friend Mr. Gout is back.  Yup, I’ve not had an episode in nearly a year (http://runnersbug.blogspot.com/2011/04/rainstorms-whining-and-inflammation.html).  That one most likely happened from missing several doses of meds.  This one, I haven’t taken the meds since January.  The harsh run on Sunday probably was the trigger.   I had hoped that changing my diet and loosing weight would keep it away, I guess not.  Time to get back on the meds and stick with them.  YUK!

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Jen said...

Been waiting for that run report! Boo to the gout!