Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainstorms, Whining, and Inflammation

On Easter Jen and I took the kids out to lunch and while eating we decided to check out a local dam that we've been wanting to see.  It's only about 15 minutes drive from the house so why not right?  We figured a quick drive there, spend some time at the dam, and another 15 minute drive home for an afternoon nap.  Things didn't go as planned.

We made it to the parking lot, got out and started to walk in the direction of the dam.  There, we noticed a sign "Liberty Dam.  1.8 miles"  1.8 miles?   That's a bit of a hike with two kids.  The trail was actually a two lane paved road and it was nice out. We headed that way.  The kids were having a good time.... for awhile, then the whining started.  Connor had to be picked up.  Paige wanted to be in the car.  It was turning out to be not a fun hike. 

There were plenty of other families out and the speed at which they were moving far exceeded our own.  It took us well over an hour to reach the dam.  The dam itself was pretty cool.  The water was cascading over the concrete down the side to a river, smooth and peaceful.  One could imagine sliding down the water like a waterslide. 

The return was even more eventful.  Shortly after we left the dam, it started raining.  Then we heard it, the crack of thunder.  SHIT, we're stuck outside and a thunderstorm is rolling through.  By this time, we were the only ones left out on the road as everyone else has far surpassed our speed.  Ducking for cover, we sat huddled in the understory of some trees waiting for the storm to pass.  After about 20 minutes it did and we continued on.  I hold Connor nearly the entire 1.8 miles back, Jen and Paige not far behind.  Finally, we made it to the car. We ended the trip by stopping at Dairy Queen (Texas Stop Sign) and having dinner and ice cream.  For all the whining, rain, and lightning, it still beat sitting at home. 

On the running front, I'm currently grounded.  Yesterday I awoke to some pain in my left big toe and it continues today.  Naproxen and Voltaren Gel (Both NSAIDS) are currently working their magic to lower the inflammation.  At first I was hoping for the best, but alas, Gout has struck it's ugly head once again.  I haven't had a bit of pain since going on the Gout Meds about 9 months ago.  I did have several missed doses lately and I've gained some weight back since the marathon.  I hope that's all it is.  Depending on how it feels this afternoon, I may attempt a short run.          

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