Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I've not gotten much running in lately due to this stupid foot.  This has been the longest that a gout attack has ever lasted.  The intense pain has been gone for quite awhile, but this lingering dull pain keeps coming and going.  It's making me paranoid that it will flare up again.  I've gotten in a couple of rather lousy runs in since my 16 miles a couple of weeks ago.  Lousy in that both were mid day with high heat and I didn't have much energy for them.  My running life is sucking right now, and I'm supposed to be in full marathon training.  Thankfully, I hit the 16 mile mark about halfway through my training program, so this little backslide shouldn't hinder me in the long run, but it still sucks ass!

In other news, I've been hitting the juice machine again.  I started on Friday and have been juicing it all holiday weekend.  This go-round, I'm not strictly adhering to a juice-only fast.  Instead, I've added in several freshly-made pureed soups, and yesterday I splurged and had some fish and veggies for lunch, plus a treat.  We did a short road trip south of Annapolis and hit up a few Chesapeake Bay towns.  I'll probably try to continue the juicing at least through the work week.  I've lost a good 8 lbs so far and would love to loose another 6 before transitioning out.  My goal is to focus more on steamed or lightly sauteed fruits and veggies and less on restaurant food, which is always my Achilles Heel.  I've been good since January, but I've relied too much on restaurant pastas such as Olive Garden, Noodle & Company, and Cosi. 

Getting back to running, I'm debating what my week will be.   I'm thinking that I'll not plan a run until the weekend, and focus on completely eliminating the inflammation through my old friends cherry juice and celery seed extract (the stuff I was using before I got onto Allopurinol.  They're both supposed to be good at reducing the inflammation.  We shall see. 

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Lisa said...

Bummer about the gout attack. My husband has bouts of gouts and has a whole list of foods to avoid, which seems to help Have you looked into that aspect of it?