Thursday, April 28, 2011

Da' Gout

Well my big toe is still lingering on in pain.  All hope I had that it was something else has faded.  It's in the joint and feels exactly like it did before.  Although the pain hasn't been debilitating as it has in the past, it none the less is still back. A slap in the face that reminds me this will most likely be a life long problem.  I'd hoped that the medicine would just work.  No need to worry about things since I'm on medicine again. Not quite.  Something has changed to bring on an attack.  Could it be several missed doses over the last few weeks?  I don't think that alone would cause it.  Sure, a dip in the effectiveness, but I would have thought it would have surfaced last week, after my last missed dose, not a week later of full dosing.  Could it be the weight gain I've experienced as of late? I'm thinking so.  I've gained about 8-9 lbs back since the marathon.  Not a ton of weight, but it puts me back over the 200 lb mark.  Could it be that I haven't been watching my diet closely like I was?  Again, that's highly likely.  I was tracking calories on Spark People for about 4 months.  All my work travel lately made it difficult to keep track of and it fell to the wayside.  I guess I'd better pick that back up and get my weight back down.  Uggg!

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