Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye-Bye Gout

The flair up is gone!  Well, actually it was gone by Saturday but we had a full weekend and I just didn’t get around to a run.  Today I hit the ole’ work lake loop and got in 2.33 miles at a 9:39 pace.  Not bad.  Still getting used to straight running so my lungs weren’t liking me but otherwise it was good. No stitches and I finished strong.  My immediate goal:  run 5 days this week.  Another goal, sit down and find some races.  The Army 10 Miler registration opens on the 15th and I know I’m registering for it.  I need something soon though. Better hit Active.com tonight.

What sites do you use to find races?

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hopelessly ungraceful said...

I always google the location I want, but it inevitably takes me to active.com. That's where I found the fake 5K I'm running next weekend!