Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

 Today's weight: 206.6.   Yup, an increase.  Not the best of things but I'm still down from two weeks ago so that's good.  I had a cold last week and it made me crave everything.  We've had some cupcakes in the house since Thanksgiving and I didn't eat a single one until last week (polished off all six, ugh!).  Now the house is filled with the sweet smell of chocolate covered pretzels thanks to Jen's yearly Christmas treats.  I MUST restrain!   OK, so I can have some, but not much. lol.  

Running went fairly well last week.  After Tuesday's sickness, I meet with the FF group on Thursday and had a good run, then I did 8 miles at the NCR Trail on Saturday (Was supposed to rain all day yesterday) that went great. 

My times have slowed down a bit lately.  Not that I'm getting slower, but I'm being more cautious and not trying to push it.  After the holiday's I'm going to start adding speedwork to my training; but for now, I'm concentrating on increasing my mileage and getting used to this darn cold weather running. Why can't I live in South Florida!  It's perfect weather for running their now.


Lisa said...

it's a good time of year for some base building. at least thats what i keep telling myself...

Jen said...