Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First off, I hate treadmills!  I always feel awkward when I run on them, feel like I'm pounding too hard, and especially like I'm running but not going anywhere. :)  Every time I get on one, I think of a hamster. 

I was still feeling like crud yesterday so I stayed home from work to rest and recover.  In the afternoon, I was feeling much better and didn't want to completely skip out on running so I figured I'd try out the treadmill I bought off Craigslist for $50.  I hooked it up and got going.  Immediately I noticed a humming sound coming from the motor.  Not a good sign!  I kept at it, slowly.  I basically wanted to get my heart rate up and legs moving for a bit but not push it.  I stayed on for 15 minutes.  I noticed that the treadmill showed me as only running .3 miles.  Thats about a 45:00 mile.  I don't think so!  I'm going to research treadmill maintenance and see if I can get it worked out.  If not, I'll put it up on Cragslist and find another one.

As for my sickness, I'm still pretty stuffy today but feeling better.  I'm not going to attempt a lunchtime walk though.  :) 


Funnyrunner said...

I LOATHE treadmills and successfully stayed off of mine for about 4-5 years until Baltimore's winter last year. 50 inches of snow on the ground and roads with no shoulders force one to use a treadmill... When I finally got back on the one I have at home, I discovered a button missing that now makes it impossible for me to know how fast or how far I'm going. lol.

Nej said...

I'll hit the "dreadmill" every so often....but it takes so much more energy to run the same distance I would outside. Give me fresh air and the open road anytime...but...sometimes it's a necessary evil.

Love the hamster wheel pic!!! :-)