Sunday, December 5, 2010


Do you ever get that feeling in your throat where it just feels thick, and you keep having to swallow?  I do, usually when I getting a cold or such.  Well that happened to me last night. Today I woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat. I still got up and hit the trail for today’s 8 miler.  It was windy and cold, but I got out there and once warmed up it was fairly nice.  Only the diehards were out on the trail today.  I still have trouble brining my time to the recommended 2 minutes below pace for these long runs. It just feels like I’m barely moving.  I was shooting for around 12:45 miles, but of course, I undershot that.  The pain in my right foot was mostly gone this morning, but I could tell it was still lingering.  I tried my best to not land too harsh on it.  By the end, I could feel it, but it wasn’t bad, still better than on Friday.  Let’s hope I don’t feel worse tomorrow.  :)  I also could feel my hammy tendon aching a bit.  Going to do some stretches after awhile.

I made a decision regarding my weekday runs.  I’m going to cut the mileage down to 3-4 miles so that I can get it in at lunch or with Fleet Feet.  I will NOT feel guilty about the change.  It was somewhat arbitrary anyway, just went with what was default on the training schedule….. Problem solved! 

Oh, and lastly, in my final mile today, I started seeing snow flurries!  Maybe a ton will dump on us tonight and I’ll be off work!  :)

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