Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Am a Winter Warrior!!

lft_logo I decided to hold off and run with the Fleet Feet group vs lunchtime.  It was perfect timing.  The store was starting their “Winter Warrior” program, where we can earn prizes for how many times we come to the store to run this winter. :)   As I’ve stated before, I really enjoy running with the group.  It’s that social aspect of running you can’t get when you run alone. 

I’ve been debating about how to proceed with this marathon training.  The one thing I hadn’t considered was my weekday runs.  I’m scheduled to do 5-6 mile runs for most of them.  This presents a challenge in many ways. 

Do I:

A) Run them at work during lunchtime.  This will be difficult as a 6 mile run will take me way longer than I really should be during the workday.  Technically, I can add on some time at the beginning or ending of the day, but it still doesn’t feel right saying I’m heading out for a 75 minute run. 

B) Split the mileage into half at lunch and the other half with Fleet Feet. When I run with the group, we only go roughly 3.5 to 4 miles.  I could do a 2 miler at lunch, then 4 with them, but that’s a hassle to do every Tues and Thurs.

C)  Alter my training schedule so that the runs are shorter and fit into either A or B.  Other than adjusting these first two weeks, I really didn’t alter anything from the original training program I am following.  Is it really necessary for me to do 5 or 6 miles during the week and still do my long run on Sundays?  Will I be hurting myself to limit weekday runs to 4 miles?  If I do, I can always incorporate speed work on my lunch runs.  Possibly alternate between lunchtime and group runs.

I’ll have to think it over but I’m welcome to your input!!

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Kim said...

I think C sounds like your best bet, just because it means you can fit everything in. I doubt you'll be hurting yourself by doing less mileage on Tu/Th (It's what I've always done). If you can, you can also get to FF a little early and do a couple of miles before the group runs.