Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Return of an Unwanted Friend

This morning I got up and readied myself for a long run.  It’s been three weeks since I’ve done a long run (8 miles), and I was anxious to get back to it.  I headed out to my favorite running spot (NCR Trail), did some stretches and took off.  The first couple of miles went great.  Smooth running, a nice day, and was feeling great.  I had told myself that depending on how I felt at mile 3 I would either turn back (6 miles) or keep going (8 miles).  Around mile three I noticed some inner thigh chaffing.  Ooops!  I forgot to apply body glide.  Too late now!  My legs were feeling great so I pushed on. I hit the turn around, had an energy gel and walked a bit.  I could feel some tightness in my left big toe.  It was here I realized 8 miles was too far today.  I decided to do my best and run/walk the return trip.
So, with thigh chaffing and a increasingly sore toe, I pushed forward, walking when I needed to.  Around mile 6 I gave in and just walked the rest of the way.  No point in pushing my foot and the chaffing was starting to burn.  It was a nice walk back, other than having to hobble along.  I returned home, took an indomethicin, and a nap.

The reason for it all, gout.  The first of my foot ailments. I typically keep it under control by taking tart cherry extract and celery seed extract, but occasionally I slip.  As is the case this time.  Since returning from vacation, I think I’ve only taken them twice.  Bad James, Bad Bad Bad!  So now I’m waiting for the inflammation to go down.  It usually goes away by the end of the day.  I hope so.  I guess I need to quit thinking the problem is going away and just accept I’ll probably deal with it indefinitely. 
I will be gone this week for a field survey.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are assisting with the Boy Scout National Jamboree and will be conducting some pre jamboree work this week.  Basically it will involved mosquito larval reduction, tick surveillance, and wasp nest removal.  Should be a fun week.  Work isn’t too hard and we get to stay in cabins.  I’m planning to run a few times there,  probably tues and thurs evenings.  If I get a chance I’ll post if not, see you next weekend!

EDIT:  This stuff works great but puts you in a medicine haze and leaves you wiped out the rest of the day.   I am thankful that my gout isn't near as bad as the majority of people.  When I get it, I can still function, most people can't even get out of bed with it. Cherry/celery seed really does work.  I'm just horrible about remembering to take pills.


Tricia said...

have a great week!

EZEthan said...

Bummer on the goutty toe... hope that clears up fast!

I like doing my long runs as out and backs because it pretty much forces me to do the whole distance... of course I always fear that I'll go out on a 20 mile marathon training run and get injured 10 miles out and have to hobble back!

Lisa said...

My husband has bouts of gout. No fun.