Sunday, July 1, 2012

It’s Taper Time

Saturday I completed my last “long run”.  I intended on a three loop run around Centennial Park, but a free summer storm left the area drenched in wetness, with down branches, trees, and a butt-ton of power lines.  It was so hot out, I could literally see steam coming off the trail pavement at times.  Therefore, I decided to stop at 2 loops (5 miles).  It was hot, I was soaking in the humidity, and I frankly didn’t care. 

I did get in some great hill work though.  I’m noticing I’m having less difficulty with the hills too.  I only hope it’s enough to get me through the race in 13 days! 

That’s right folks, it’s Taper Time!  I’ve got one more lite run on Tuesday, before hitting the skies to less warm, and more “golden” locales.  We fly out to San Diego on Wednesday. 

The plan is to spend a few days there, hitting up Sea World and sites, then a few days in LA, hitting up Disneyland and Sites.  After that, we’re meeting my parents, sister, and niece for the drive up the coast to San Francisco, where we’ll spend a few days before the big M day. It just coincidentally falls on the last day of our trip.  I race at 8:15 that morning, then fly back home about 10pm that night on a red-eye.  We’ll get into Baltimore the following morning where we’ll most likely come home and crash.  I took the following day off just for recovery.  Alright, so there’s the rundown.  Now for the next two days to fly by!

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