Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shoe Wars, Revisited

Last year I had some issues with pain in my Achilles Tendon.  Shortly after running the Shamrock Marathon, a podiatrist insisted that I needed orthotics, even though the pain was went away well before running the marathon.  I, of course, had issues and after only a couple of weeks use, decided to not use them. I've been fine every since.

I also switched from neutral shoes, to support shoes after discussing with several different running shoe stores evaluating my feet/gait.  I did notice some improvement, by it really has not altered my form or impacted my running significantly.

A few weeks ago, I came across a good deal on minimalist shoes, $25 online. I couldn't pass it up. They were sent to a cousin's house while we were on vacation, and I've yet to get them, but I'll be taking it slow and giving them a try.

I mention all of this because today I forgot to brig my running shoes and did 3.5 miles in my old shoes. They felt, familiar, almost like getting I touch with an old buddy.  I'm wondering if I should start rotating through my shoes more.  I've also got a new pair of trail shoes, I've used only once.

My question to you:
How many shoes do you currently have and do you rotate through them?

Don't mind my cotton socks, I forgot running socks too!


Johann said...

I have three "active" pairs. 2 x road and 1 x trail. I rotate the road shoes always. They are the same brand and model. I only run trails on weekends so I only use one pair for that.

Anonymous said...

Since last year, I've been running in Vibram Five Fingers after developing shin splints in traditional running shoes. I just got a pair of Merrell Pace Gloves (the women's trail minimalist shoes) for trail running. I've heard that people can get over their Achilles pain with minimalist/barefoot running, so maybe it's something you want to consider. (And also why I'm not surprised you like your old shoes so much -- the cushioning is all broken down allowing proper foot mechanics). Good luck!