Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tomorrow we fly out to California for some fun in the sun.  I'm not sure I'll post any while on vacation, so it's likely the next post is a race report.

The race is Saturday July 14th, starting at 8:15. I've given my goals plenty of thought, and with this being my first trail marathon, I'm struggling with determining any form of pace for the race.  I've decided to go conservative, with a goal of 7 hours.  It may be way off, but there you go.  My primary goal, as is always the case, is to finish uninjured.  Secondarily, I want to have fun with it, and enjoy the scenery and course. I've researched the course extensively and have a pretty good idea of how I intend to handle it.  I've even gone so far as to create a Google Earth flyby of the course.  I'm quite excite for both the vacation and the marathon.  There's my YUM.

Here is the course for the race. Isn't Google Earth AWESOME! You'll need the Google Earth Plugin for it to work here.  You can also view it in Google Maps/Earth by clicking Here.

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On the other hand, I've not been feeling too great the last few days.  I guess it started on Friday with a strong headache in the evening.  Saturday I felt better, but nowhere near 100%.  On Sunday, I again had another string headache.  I'd taken Connor into DC for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and nearly turned around to come home right after we got there.  I survived, and felt somewhat better, but was worn out the entire day. Yesterday, I was conducting some fieldwork in the hot sun, and was tired and still feeling cruddy.  This morning, it continues, and some poopy issues as well.  I've been hydrating well, so I don' think it's that, but with power outages, and the heat wave sweeping across the area, I'm sure it's having a negative effect.

I sure hope it clears up soon.  I'd hate to feel like crap the entire vacation and risk having problems during the race.  I'm pretty sure it's just some minor heat-related issue and will be back to my normal self soon.

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Paul said...

Hi James,

I think 7 hours is a decent conservative target. After the first lap, you will have a better idea.

Hopefully we will get some views and won't have pea soup fog the whole race. I wouldn't mind fog for the first lap, and then sun for the second. (Even if sunny, unlikely to be too hot if there is any kind of breeze off the water).

Hope you feel better soon. Its not hot out here!