Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orthotics – 2, James – 0

two with the orthotics and I felt shin pain within the first 2 minutes.  I took them out and finished up with them feeling better, but still slightly sore.  I wasn’t feeling it to begin with so I ended up only running a mile.  I gave it four days since the last run too!  My podiatrist said that I need to break them in.  His suggestion:  Start with 25% of my running and gradually build up.  Well if I only ran less than a mile, then that might work.  With pain only two minutes into the run, I think not! 

At this point, I’m not planning to use the orthotics to run in.  My running has been fine without them (and frankly so has my walking).  I’m feeling the need to re-evaluate the need for orthotics.  With wearing a night splint (although to confess, it’s been very hit or miss lately), and stretching, my heel has been much better.  Why complicate things with adding an orthotic?  I’ve read too many personal accounts of orthotics causing more problems.  Sure, the orthotic could be inappropriately fitted.  The doctor cast my foot without weight bearing, and he never even looked at my shoes.  So for now, I’m going to cautiously wear them while walking, but not again for running. Why mess with something when I wasn’t having problems to begin with right?

In related news, I registered for the Army 10 Miler today!!   It’s on October 9th in DC.  This is one of my “must run” races.  I ran it for the first time last year and love the course.  It takes you from The Pentagon, through The Mall, and back to The Pentagon.  Next on the scheduling agenda….. narrow down a half-marathon for the fall. 

Now off to recover my shins again.

What are your “must run” races and why?

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