Monday, August 22, 2011

Father, I Have Sinned...

It's been two weeks since my last post.  I guess I'd better update the few readers I have on my half-marathon training.  Things are going great.  I the weekend before last I actually got up at 6am to run 10 miles! How did I accomplish such a lofty feat?  I was at Bethany Beach for the weekend and knew it was going to be hot and I had a planned 10 miler.  I thought it would be awesome to run along the beach at sunrise so... I did.... sort of.  I ran along Coastal Highway.  It was awesome watching the sun rise.  I enjoyed the run, even the 15 minute port-o-potty stop about mile 6.  Yeah, yeah, TMI. I'm just thankful there was one along the way.

I've continued running with Fleet Feet during the week.  The social aspect of running in a group was well missed. 

Yesterday I ran 6 miles on the NCR Trail.  It was a recovery run between my long runs and I did 6 miles.  I sped things up a bit and finished with a 11:32 pace.  It felt great pushing my lungs and legs a bit. 

So that's it.  I'm caught up on blogging about my running. What else you want to hear about?  I'm in need of some suggested posts to revive my blogging creativity.   :)


Lisa said...

sounds like a nice morning run.

maybe blog with photos of where you run?

Jen said...

I think that you should start running in weird places and get pictures of that...people will tune into what odd place you ran this week! LOL

M said...

The beach run sounds lovely! Way to go!