Tuesday, July 16, 2013

State of Affairs

I've totally neglected this blog. It's not that I don't have much to say, I've just been so focused elsewhere in life, that I've not taken the time to sit down and blog. It's so much easier to bang out a quick sentence or two on Facebook than it is to write out a full post.  That being said, I want to make a concerted effort dedicate time here.  After all, I firmly believe that this blog was a big contributor to my success with making running a lifetime change. Without it, I would have likely ran for a few months, then petered out for a few more years, as I always did. 

Ok, so where are things.  My last post was an agenda for this years races.   A couple of changes.  I will not be running the Martha Moats Baker Memorial 50.  I intended to, but it falls on the same day as another race, which I'm volunteering at.  Secondly, I added in a 5K, which I ran two days ago.  Race Report to follow.  :)

On June 15th, I volunteered at a nighttime 50 miler.  It was quite awesome.  Staying up all night, helping runners refuel at the far aid station, and joking around with a good group of people.  I'll definitely be volunteering more!

At the end of July, my family took a vacation to OK/TX.  While in my hometown (Ardmore, OK),  I lead a trail run with a group of 14 people.  I just wanted to get in a decent long run while on vacation, and posted about it on Facebook.  A friend from high school, who runs a nutrition and fitness store, took me up on it and had her fit class join in.  I mapped out a 10K route, then flagged it the morning of the run, giving me over 9 miles that day.  Everyone had a blast, and I think I may have some trail converts.  Hehehe!

Vacation went well, Then I hit the road to Kentucky for a week for work.  I got in a few TOUGH runs at an old favorite of mine Saunders Springs, where I ran last year.   

As mentioned earlier, I ran a local 5K two days ago.  This was going to be Paige's first 5K, but she didn't get much running in, so she decided to switch to the 1 mile fun run, leaving me free to outright run it.  I kicked ass!  I PRed by 1:23 from my Red Rock 5K last year!   Sweet!  I'll hammer out a race report soon.

Lastly, the biggest news is that as of last night, I've been on a running streak for 50 days!  That's right, I'm Streaking!  I had some minor issues at first, but I believe my body has settled in for the long haul and feel like it's stronger now.  Active recovery seems to fit well with me!  I'll write a post about it soon too!

Oh, and I have Rosaryville 50K this coming Sunday. 

Run on my friends!!

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