Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Agenda

I've been planning out my race schedule and it's close to full for this year.  Here is what's on my plate through the end of the year: 

15 June - Volunteering for the OSS/CIA 50 Miler night race.  I'd thought about running this one, but the cutoff is too close for comfort. 

21 July - Rosaryville 50K - Registered. 

10 August - Martha Moats Baker Memorial 50K (Possibly)

1 September - "Labor Pain" 12 Hour Endurance Trail Run (Possibly)

4-5 October - Ragnar DC - My office is putting together a team for this one.

20 October - Army Ten Miler - Registered

16 November - Stone Mill 50 Miler - A must!

In other news, I checked out another local park and it's quickly become my favorite local trail to run.  It's got everything.  A paved path, a flat wide and straight dirt path, plus MANY single track offshoots.  I can pretty much train for anything out there.  And it's only about 15 minutes from my house!!  I'll be writing up more about it soon.

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