Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Over

Technically, a couple of things are over.

First, Thank you to everyone that entered my Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Giveaway.  Tonight I'll be tallying everything up and announcing the winners.  To everyone new to my blog, welcome.  Pull up a chair, grab your favorite hot beverage, and enjoy.  I can't believe I'm almost three years into this blog.

Second, my self-imposed running sabbatical is over.  I took three weeks off of running as a rest after a whirlwind of racing this fall.  Over 90 miles of racing in one month!  Today I'll be heading out for an easy few miles.  I'm hoping my knee doesn't act up on me.  Since it hasn't given me troubles outside of running, it's difficult to tell.

Speaking of the knee.  On Friday I saw a physical therapist.   She thinks it has something to do with the vastus medialis muscle.  The irritation is right where this muscle attaches to the knee. Her evaluation of my overall body found very tight hamstrings and weak hip abductors.  I've got a list of stretches to do several times a day and see if that will help align me knees better.  I have an appointment this evening and will most likely be checking out my running form (I didn't have my normal running shoes on Friday).

On the running front, I've got five weeks before the Disney World Marathon.  I don't feel I need to hit training hard.  Heck, I just ran nearly double the distance three weeks ago, but I do need to get some decent long runs in between now and then. 

Mrs. Runner's Bug's recovery is going dead slow.  It's been nearly three weeks since her surgery, and she's still very sore and swollen.  I'm forcing her to stay off her feet as much as possible.  No easy task I tell you!  She will not be even attempting the race.  She's now become a member of the ChEAR Squad and will be spectating the race.  She enjoy's cheering me on, and I'm always appreciative of her taking the time.  By joining the squad, she'll at least gain some access to the parks.  Otherwise she'd be stuck having to pay full price admission. 

What's going on in your neck of the woods? 

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