Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm Registered

I came across a local half marathon that is run on my favorite trail, the NCR Trail. What a great way to kick start some running motivation, right? Well, unfortunately it's in less than 7 weeks. I debated over it. Could I vamp up in time? After playing with some training schedules, I decided to go for it. After all, I ran a half marathon only 4 months ago. I should be fine right? I guess we'll see! It's the 3rd Annual Back on My Feet Nikia's Nippy Nor'easter Half Marathon & Relay. Last year there were a total of 124 finishers.

While I'm not one to suck money from others, since this race is a fundraising event, they automatically created a personalize donation site.  If you're feeling generous, have at it.  I won't mind either way...

My Fundraising Site.


M said...

You can do it! Running is supposed to be an adventure, right?

Jen said...

You can do it!