Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Goals Check-in

I'll be posting a more comprehensive review of 2011, but until then, here is how I measured up against my 2011 goals.

A) Complete my first marathon.  Heck yeah this was a success!  Not only did I complete it, I did it well and went on to complete my first half marathon too!

B) After the marathon, I would like to increase my speed.  Mixed success. Shortly after the marathon, I did increase my speeds and actually ran an awesome 5K, but the second half of the year saw slowing speeds and ending at a crawl.

C) Support and encourage my wife in her running quest, and hopefully run the Army 10 Miler with her.  No go.  The wifey put running on hold and has instead been doing Zumba.  While I can't directly support her in Zumba as I can in running, I've done what I could.

D)  Run a variety of race distances.  Success!  I've ran my first marathon, first half marathon, first 5 miler, second 10 miler, and a 5K.  Not to shabby for variety.
E) Incorporate more cross training.  No go.  I did little to no cross training in 2011.  YUK!

F) Stay injury free.  Mixed success.  While I did have a couple of injuries, I've recovered from them fairly quickly by being cautious and taking the much needed time away to recover.  I was able to run my first marathon and walk away with virtually no ill effects.  The next day people couldn't believe I ran a marathon and was walking around just fine.

Two successes, two mixed successes, and two no gos.  Not too bad for the year!

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Netty aka Enchantica said...

congratulations on your successes, well done on your mixed successes and keep on trying - those two no gos will be your successes for 2012 :)
Keep up the good work