Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mystery Solved! Well, Maybe.

Unfortunately I didn't get a run in like I planned.  In fact I've not run in two weeks.  This health issue is really kicking my butt.  I'm fatigued all the time and hitting pavement is the last thing on my mind, although I'm missing it terribly. 

As I mentioned before I had some blood tests done and the results were being mailed to me.  Well once I got them I scrutinized everything and came across a discrepancy.  My Thyroid (something I've suspected all along) TSH level was fairly high.  Now there are several different thyroid hormones, but only this one was tested.  In doing some research the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have made recommendations to change the standard scale for this test, tightening up the "normal" range.  According to their newer (2003) guidelines, I'm in the Hypothyroidism range.  According to the lab that ran the test, I'm not.  Given that I'm exhibiting many of the symptoms of Hypo. and my level was fairly high, I'm pretty confident that this is what it is. Yet, I'm struggling with the Doctor.  His stance is that I'm normal.  I have a followup on Monday and plan to come armed with the new guidelines and if he is not at least willing to get the other tests, then it's time to find a new doctor.  Until then, I continue to fight fatigue and headache/light headedness and struggle to get through the day. 


Lacey Sue said...

Your in my thoughts and prayers- always push to have your thoughts, opinions and feelings HEARD and CONSIDERED by your doctor. If he doesn't listen to you- kick his butt to the curb and find yourself a doc that WILL! Good luck!

J said...

Good thing you did the research on your own! I hate how some drs don't listen to patients and are so set in their ways! Good luck with your appointment on Monday!

Kim said...

I suffer from hypothyroidism. I kind of thought that is what it was when I read your first post (But I only read it today and you wrote it weeks ago, so I didn't comment).