Thursday, September 29, 2011


My stomach appears to have recovered from the pukiness of earlier this week.  All things considered, it was a relatively minor bout of stomach flu.  I've had much worse.  Not a pleasant experience, but I'm thankful it didn't hit me the day before.

Moving on from digestive issues, this morning I awoke to stiffness and minor pain on the outside of my left knee, right where I had sharp pain towards the end of my HM on Sunday.  It hasn't bothered me since the race, so I thought it was an isolated incident.  I guess there is more too it now.  I may be overly cautious, as I'm prone to do, but after researching the specifics, it may be the beginning of iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS).  The pain was right where ITBS symptoms occur.  I may be wrong, and I hope that I am, but since I felt something four days after the race I'm going to cautiously treat it as such and limit my running until the Army 10 Miler in 10 days. I DO NOT want another repeat of hobbling into the finish!


Lisa said...

do you have a foam roller? it hurts, but it a good way to work on your it band

Lacey Sue said...

I was just going to suggest a foam roller, the work wonders!!! Hope it works out and isn't anything serious!

James said...

Yeah I've got a foam roller. I plan to use it tonight. So far it's only hurt twice (during the HM, and when I first woke up this morning but after a few steps it was gone).