Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Break is Over.

I mixed things up today.  I've taken the last 8 days off of running to let my knee/legs recover from the 30 miler and was planning to hold off until Thursday, but instead, I got a good 2 mile run in on a treadmill at the gym.  It's been at least 1.5 years since I stepped foot on a treadmill, the last time I had a minor incident involving a "unplanned" cool down that caused me to tweak my hamstring.  Today's run was much less eventful, thankfully.

I headed over with two coworkers and since I did a full upper body workout, and not working my legs at the moment, I went for the treadmill and a mini ab/arm workout.  I could feel something in my left knee, maybe it was hypersensitivity to any sensation, but definitely not soreness or pain. :)  My abs/arms, that's a different story. They weren't necessarily sore, but not fully recovered either.  It was kinda nice pushing them when they're down. Yeah, yeah, it's not recommended to lift the same muscles in two days, but every once in awhile couldn't hurt, could it? :) 

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